Mambo Virtual Academy Terms and Conditions

We will always offer a minimum of 4 hours per week from our staff to all our subscribers.

All lessons are available for replay in the archive. Replay will be available for the current and previous month (only if you have a subscription for that month )
(Special Subscriptions only have access to 48hours replay).

NOTE: to access the archive you need an active subscription. Cancellation of your subscription will also terminate your access to the MVA archive.

AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS: You are free to cancel any automatic payments “on your own” through PayPal at any time with NO FEES. Cancellation through our customer service via email will have a $25 fee. No refunds if cancel after payment has been processed.
If cancellation is requested before your renewal date and you are charged for the current month, we will issue a full refund after deducting the cancellation fee.
Cancellation of automatic payments immediately will drop any introductory price discount and you will have to pay the regular rate if you sign up again.
For cancellation requests please email us to :